Join Us for Traveling Fun Runs:


(Show up 15 minutes early to talk about races, compare running paces, & meet some new faces!)


Food, water and coffee will be available after all runs. Restrooms will be located at the start area. Registration is required to have enough food and beverages on hand.    

June 10, 2017 -  Pennypack Trail - We will run Pennypack Trail. The course is an out and back on gravel trail. Afterwards we will have food and drink.Check out the AARC Facebook Page for photos. 

(25 mins, 10.9 mi from Downtown Ambler)

July 152017 - Phils Quarter Marathon - Join us for this AARC sponsored event.

(4 mins, 1.4 mi from Downtown Ambler)

Aug 26th, 2017 - Steamtown Marathon Waffle Run - Canceled

(1hr 45 mins, 114 mi from Downtown Ambler)

Sept2017 - Norristown Farm Park - More details to follow.

(22 mins, 8.9 mi from Downtown Ambler)

Oct2017 - Green Ribbon Trail - More details to follow.

(14 mins, 6.7 mi from Downtown Ambler)

If you have a favorite place you think AARC might like to try as a Traveling Fun Run, contact funrun@aarclub.com .



See Traveling Fun Run Photos for all the photos from this year's runs.


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