Jeff Lofton - President

In the summer of 2004, one year before I would turn 50, I was visiting the "YMCA" to use the Stair-Master every 1-2 days.  I decided it was crazy to spend money on exercise, and crazier still to be indoors when it was so nice outside.  I went to the nearby Carpenter Park in Horsham, to run on the 3/4-mile track.  I had never run distance before, since my high school and college backgrounds involved 100, 200 and 400 meter dashes. Even running 3 miles a day was new to me, but I knew I needed some steady aerobic activities.  From '04-'06, I slowly ramped up from 5K's to an occasional 10K, but "shutting down" every winter because of the dark and solitude.

I joined AARC in 2007, and attended my first run that summer.  I was "given" to Ali Fox, who led me on a 7-mile run/walk adventure.  I loved it!! Running changed from running as quickly as possible, to finding someone with whom to share the run.  To that end, I've done 200-mile relays 8 years in a row, loving the experience every time.  I've gone from the 3-limit of '04-'05, to joining the club and saying "I can't imagine running 26 miles," to having done 8 of them, and counting.  Still, the marathon, and all events, are all about running with friends and not at all about my time.  Thus, the attached photo, showing the Wineglass Marathon finish with my great friend, Julie Dees!! Despite non-stop rain, and a 5-hour time, we both had a fantastic time, chatting every step of the way!!
   Jose Medina - Vice President

   Tom Yunker - Treasurer

I started running cross country in HS just to do a fall sport.  After riding the bench on the baseball team in the spring I decided it was better to complain about too much running than not enough baseball.  So the following year I gave up baseball to focus the majority of my sporting activity to running.  Throughout my 20’s I would run in streaks and occasional races as life events often interfered.  Eventually I decided that even when time was short I could usually do 2 miles and by always doing a short run it would be easier to ramp up when life wasn’t as busy.  In my 40’s I began running with the Shawmont group and realized that many people ran marathons on much less mileage than I thought was recommended.  After 30 years I finally ran my first marathon.  Now I typically run track meets as well as 5-10 road races between 5K and the marathon each year.  Since I was never any good in HS, I don’t consider myself a fast runner but I have been fortunate to be able to use my slowness talent to slow down slower than many others as we age.  So far I have been able to avoid the temptation to attempt an ultra.
   Ross Schriftman - Secretary

Ross is the author of My Million Dollar Mom which chronicles the life of his mother, Shirley Schriftman and his time caring for her whenshe had Alzheimer's at the end of her life. He is in the development stage of the feature film version of the book.

In memory of his mom, Ross is the race director for Shirley's Run and Dog Walk which raises funds for animal rescue organizations through a donor advised fund at the Montgomery County Foundation.

He was a candidate for Delegate to the 1972 Democratic Convention, and in 1974, 1976 and 2004 he ran for State Representative to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. He had considered a run for Congress in 2004.

Ross has been an insurance representative since 1975. He is a long term care and Medicare supplement insurance products specialist, is an active member of the National Association of Health
Underwriters and served as the organization's Associate Chair for Long Term Care from 2001 to 2003. He also served as the Legislative Chair for the Pennsylvania Association of Health Underwriters from 1994 to 2003 and theLegislative Chair for the Montgomery County Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors from 2001 to 2003.

Ross is also an avid runner, having completed over 120 marathons including the elite Boston Marathon.

   Faith Sacks - Director at Large

I have been running since high school, but really got into running longer distances about 12 years ago when a job change gave me more flexibility.  A friend talked me into training for Broad Street that year and I have run the Broad Street run ever since.  Soon after that I started running the Philly Rock N Roll Half Marathon annually.  I also ran the Hot Chocolate run when it started a couple of years ago in Philly since running and then getting chocolate seemed like the perfect combination.  I run 5k races when friends ask me to help raise money for a good cause.  A couple of years ago I ran the Philly marathon, just to say that I had run a marathon.  I have been a member of the AARC on and off for the past several years, but an involved member the last 2-3 years.  One of the best things about running aside from getting exercise is all the nice people I have met.  I have a great group of friends that I run with several times a week so we combine running and socializing which makes it quite fun.   I am married with two almost grown sons, both of whom I have gotten to run with me in at least one race.
   Mike Kaucher - Director at Large

I began running in 2009 using a couch to 5k program to lose weight and get healthy. To much of my surprise I found that I enjoyed running, especially at the Norristown Farm Park. One night during the program I realized I needed real running shoes and stopped in the North Wales Running Company, where I saw a sign posted about Tuesday Fun Runs. The following Tuesday I showed up and was introduced to Dan Tantino, who recognized that I was a new runner. He told me that there is a requirement for all runners to run at least a 5 minute mile; this was when I knew I was with the right group. I found out about the AARC and the weekly runs, including track. My first race was the Frost Bite 5 miler in 2010.

It wasn’t soon after I began running with the AARC that Ira Meyers took an interest in training me for 5ks. My goal was to break 20 at the time, which I did on the track on Xmas eve 2010 with help from my pacers. From there Ira trained me for my first marathon, the Shamrock Marathon in 2011 which was a learning experience on what not to do during a marathon. My goal of qualifying for Boston was attained in the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon, though it was not enough to get into Boston.

Since 2009 I have run 13 marathons with a PR of 3:09:13, 9 half marathons with a PR of 1:26:38,  5 Broad Streets with a PR of 1:04:22 and a number of 5ks with a PR of 18:57.

Through the years of running with NWRC and AARC I have met a lot of amazing people who I like to show appreciation for. I believe in helping out with the club by promoting it as much as possible and giving new runners a place they feel welcome like I did on a random Tuesday night at NWRC.
   Sandy Garbern - Director at Large

I've been a member since the old days when AARC meetings were held at Born to Run (20 yrs?).  I've completed 6 marathons (all done after the age of 40).  This is probably a small number compared to the multiple number of marathons that many of my fellow AARC members have done. I guess my masochistic tendencies have their limits, LOL.  

I've lost count of all the Broad St Runs and other 10 milers as well as half-marathons and various other distances, completed.  I've also completed 3 Ragnar relays - one in PA and two to DC.

AARC helps provides motivation to stay active and get connected to others interested in running. Oh yeah, love the social aspect too!  I consider my closest friends among those I've met through AARC.

   Jim Lombardi - Immediate Past President

I started running in college upon the encouragement of my ROTC roommates.  I was a ‘fair weather’ runner for years until treadmill boredom until I became a more serious runner and realized that its never too cold to run outside.  Over the years I’ve run too many 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons to count, and three marathons in the last five years.  I’ve also been bitten by the relay bug, having run the American Odyssey Relay three times and the Ragnar Relay twice.  I look forward to track workouts in the summer, and many more years of running.

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