Greetings Ambler Area Running Club!

I hope you can spare two minutes to read this message. As a non-profit organization, we are required to have a Board. With over 300 members and several annual activities, including two great races, summer picnic, winter dinner party, wine tasting (including two members as sommeliers), Broad Street buses, and much more, it's necessary for your Board to organize everything. Oh, and there actually is some running, in the form of several weekly group runs.  The Board has been doing a great job; but some might say it's a "thankless" job!!

I am extremely proud of our club for continuously giving back to the community in different ways.  In June, we awarded scholarships of $500 each to four deserving high school seniors.  Over the many years of our Frostbite and Phil's road races, the club has donated close to $300,000 to worthy local organizations!!

I had the pleasure of attending the annual Road Runners Club of America convention this April, in Des Moines, IA.  RRCA is an umbrella group to which AARC, and hundreds of clubs, belong. I spoke with many club representatives and found that AARC does far more activities than others.

Your Board meets every two months, on the second Monday.  This schedule will start on 8/10/15. Members are welcome to join us, just let us know in advance by sending a note to board2015@aarclub.com.  (We always have pizza and beer, so it's a free dinner!)  We are eager to hear from you, with any feedback you might have.  

In closing, please consider helping your club become even stronger and better.  All of the activities I described require time from volunteers.  Some tasks only require an hour here or there.  Some, like the fun-run coordinators, require a weekly commitment.   If you've read this far, please say "thanks" to your fun-run coordinator and the other volunteers whose time and efforts make AARC the great running club that we enjoy!!

Jeff Lofton, President

Jeff Lofton - President
Jose Medina - Vice President
Tom Yunker - Treasurer
Ross Schriftman - Secretary
Mike Kaucher - Director at Large
Faith Sacks - Director at Large
Sandy Garbern - Director at Large
Jim Lombardi - Immediate Past President

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